Course: Hygiene and Technology of Meat and Meat Products

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Course title Hygiene and Technology of Meat and Meat Products
Course code 2350/H2HV2
Organizational form of instruction Lecture
Level of course Master
Year of study 2
Semester Summer
Number of ECTS credits 4
Language of instruction Czech
Status of course Compulsory
Form of instruction Face-to-face
Work placements This is not an internship
Recommended optional programme components None
Course content
1. Introduction to food hygiene legislation (Regulations (EC) No 852/2004, 853/2004, 854/2004). 2. Procedures used by veterinary inspectors in official inspections, rights and duties. Inspection Findings Report. Specific rules for organisation of official controls audits of good hygiene practices, official inspections. 3. Approval and registration of food plants. 4. Requirements for cleaning and disinfecting, pest control, personal hygiene. 5. Requirements for microbiological criteria (Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005). 6. Monitoring of residues and contaminants of food chain. 7. Food labelling requirements (Regulation (EC) No 1169/2011). 8. Requirements for the protection of animals against cruelty (welfare). 9. Requirements for use of animal by-products (Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009). Requirements for monitoring TSE. Sampling and laboratory testing. Specified risk material (Regulation (EC) No 999/2001). 10. Shell eggs - specific hygiene rules and current EU legislation on eggs, production and regards marketing standards of eggs. 11. Egg products - specific hygiene rules and current EU legislation on egg products, production and processing of egg products, regards marketing standards of egg products. 12. Honey- specific hygiene rules and current EU legislation on honey, production and processing of honey.

Learning activities and teaching methods
Learning outcomes
This subject solves the problems of quality and safety of meat and meat products. The attention is concentrated on meat production, welfare, technology of slaughtering of farm animals and treating of meat after slaughtering. The main technological principals of meat processing, the rules with meat and meat products treatment are solved. The subject is focused on ensuring safety and quality and implementation of principal of GMP and HACCP in processing as well.


Assessment methods and criteria
Requirements: 100% participation at lessons and seminars.
Recommended literature
  • Nařízení evropského parlamentu a rady (ES) č. 852/2004, 853/2004 a 854/2004 - hyg. Balíček.
  • Ingr, I. a kol. Hodnocení živočišných výrobků - cvičení , 1992, ES VŠZ v Brně.
  • Steinhauser a kol. Produkce masa - prodejna knihy VFU.
  • Steinhauser, L. a kol. Hygiena a technologie masa.

Study plans that include the course
Faculty Study plan (Version) Branch of study Category Recommended year of study Recommended semester
Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology Food Safety and Quality (1) Veterinary medicine and veterinary prevention 2 Summer