List of courses for selected education branch: Pharmaceutical sciences

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
3110/FAFP2 Pharmaceutical Care II Summer English 4  
3110/FAUD1 Introduction to Study and History of Pha Winter English 3  
3110/F1DF1 Selected Chapters from History of Pharma Summer Czech 1  
3110/F1EZ1 Health Care Economics Winter Czech 2  
3110/F1FP2 Pharmaceutical Care II Summer Czech 4  
3110/F1RI1 Managed Pharmaceutical Practice Summer Czech 2  
3110/F1UD1 Introduction to Study and History of Pha Winter Czech 3  
3120/FAFG2 Pharmacognosy II Summer English 10  
3120/FAHP1 Homeopathic Drugs Summer English 2  
3120/F1BR1 Botany I Winter Czech 4  
3120/F1BR2 Botany II Summer Czech 5  
3120/F1FG2 Pharmacognosy II Summer Czech 10  
3120/F1TA1 Recognizing of Medicinal Plants Summer Czech 2 The course is available to visiting students
3130/FAFO2 Medical Forms and Biopharmacy II Summer English 11  
3130/F1FO1 Medical Forms and Biopharmacy I Winter Czech 5  
3130/F1KP1 Cosmetic Products Summer Czech 3  
3130/F1NL1 Hospital Pharmaceutics and their Technol Summer Czech 3  
3130/F1RF1 Radiopharmaceuticals Summer Czech 3  
3150/F1AC1 General and Inorganic Chemistry Winter Czech 8  
3160/FABL1 Biotechnology of Drugs Summer English 3  
3160/FABL2 Biotechnology of Drugs, practical classe Summer English 3  
3160/FAME1 Molecular Biology Winter English 2  
3160/F1BL1 Biotechnology of Drugs Summer Czech 3  
3160/F1BL2 Biotechnology of Drugs, practical classe Summer Czech 3  
3160/F1ME1 Molecular Biology Winter Czech 2